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AAM Consulting
International Business Unit

Supporting evidence-based policy making

Monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and policy strategies are crucial for efficiently and effectively spending public financial resources. In order to help authorities to better design and implement their programmes, we provide comprehensive consultancy services in the following areas: 

  • setting up monitoring systems, including the elaboration of system specification of monitoring information systems, monitoring manuals, and rules of procedures, 
  • elaboration of key performance indicators, including their definition, measurement methods and specification of data needs, 
  • strategic analysis and peer reviews on the state of play of programme management, including quantitative and qualitative asessment of outputs, results and efficiency of delivery,  
  • applying econometric methods to capture the effects of programme interventions (e.g. counterfactual impact evaluation),
  • ex-ante, on-going and ex-post theory-based impact evaluations in order to assess policies, strategies and programmes,  
  • designing of evidence based logical frameworks and intervention logic for development programmes.  

We comply  with the latest methodology requirements of the EU (including EUROPEAID, DEVAID and EU28 methodology frameworks) and are up-to-date with the relevant 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 legislations.      


For further information contact Anita.Timer@aam.hu