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International Business Unit


The sustainable use and efficient management of natural resources and the protection of environment are critical issues of our times and hence are frequent subjects of international projects. This is a broad area, comprising sectors like agriculture, water, energy and environment, and we pay increasing attention to these ever more important sectors. Over the years we have acquired experience in assisting governments to harmonise their legal framework and supporting systems with European directives and policies in agriculture and energy. In the area of environment, we are looking closely to Natura 2000 programmes. In the water sector we are currently building up a practice covering the subject from natural waters via drinking water to waste water. We are also interested in entering the solid waste management sector.

Our approach across all these sectors remains the same:

  • Bringing in quality expertise: we are teaming up with the best institutions and most competent experts of the subject matter.
  • Working with the client, and not just for the client: we carefully listen to our clients and aim to deliver solutions that fit for the purpose, cost effective and sustainable.
  • Hands-on project management: we provide strong and highly skilled project management to ensure the project team meets requirements and delivers in high quality, on time and within budget.


For further information contact  Marko.Sijan@aam.hu